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Helping You Tackle Projects That Were Impossible Before.

The old way of laser cutting and CNC manufacturing is slow, expensive and one-size-fits-all. SendCutSend was created to make online laser cutting fast, affordable and customized for you – so you can make cool stuff without compromise.

Founded by two garage guys

Our founders, Jim and Jake, were always working on projects in their garage. They used the tools they had laying around to get the job done, but with compromises. When they tried to up their fabrication game by using custom made laser cut parts, none of the local shops wanted the work.

They were told they’d have to wait weeks and spend hundreds of dollars, just for one part. (Or order 100 of them from China.) This old school approach to manufacturing was stopping them from getting the job done.

So they set out to find a new way.

Who says it can’t be fast, quality AND affordable?

Jim and Jake were software guys, not manufacturers. They didn’t know “the rules” of the industry – which is why they kept breaking them.

“Why can’t we create an online laser cutting service with the convenience of Amazon?” they asked themselves. “Do you really have to sacrifice quality for speed?”

With dogged determination, they automated processes. Created an instant quoting system. Slashed turnaround times and cost. In the end they created the fastest way to cut and ship precision laser cut metals, from one-off prototypes to full production runs – at 10x less the cost of traditional shops.

Turning side hustles into main hustles

Today, we’re proud as heck to support the work of thousands of engineers, makers, business owners, designers and sheet metal fabricators.

Our customers are transforming their side hustles into main hustles, growing their businesses and tackling more daring projects.

SendCutSend is more than just an online laser cutting service – it’s giving anyone the capability to make something that was previously impossible.

And we think that’s awesome.

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