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10 Creative Ways to Use Custom Packaging for Ecommerce Businesses

In this article we’ll focus on one of the oldest methods of joining two parts: the rivet. From Egyptian spearheads to bronze age axes, and right through to current manufacturing methods, the rivet has some serious staying power. The advent of press-fit hardware has seen the rivet concept improved such that they are removable and reusable, […]

Sheet Metal Manufacturing: A Complete Guide to the Capabilities of Sheet Metal

If you have spent some time in manufacturing, you likely have come across sheet metal manufacturing. Sheet metal manufacturing is a very common process that involves the fabrication of metal parts or components from flat sheets of various metals, such as steel, aluminum, or copper. It is a widely used method in various industries, including […]

Glue Metal to Metal: Alternative Joining Methods for Metal Parts Using Adhesive

Yes, you read that title correctly. Glue is not just for sticking pieces of paper together, or to fix toys. In this article we’re going to explain how adhesives can be used to bond metal (or nearly any material) parts together. What You Should Know About Metal Gluing Systems Adhesives are an entire science unto […]

What is a Vector File & How is it Used for Laser Cutting?

Perhaps you designed some sweet table coasters in Photoshop. Or you found a cool design online that is a jpeg (raster). You’ll quickly realize there’s not a way to save that file out as a vector file. You may then be asking “what does vector even mean?” Well, we’re here to help. Not only will […]

How to Build a Go Kart Using Laser Cutting: A DIY Guide

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance fun is in your future. Even if you’re not planning to build your own go kart, there’s plenty of excitement and satisfaction to be had building any project from scratch. Building something yourself is a great way to acquire new skills and a sense of accomplishment. […]

How To Apply Hole Distance Specifications for Tapping, Countersinking, and Hardware Insertion

At SendCutSend we know your laser cut parts will eventually need to join up and create something awesome. That’s why we offer tapping, countersinking, and PEM hardware insertion to make assembly easier! Our minimum hole distance specifications are intended to ensure smooth processing so you’ll receive successful parts, fast. If your next project could benefit […]

CNC Cutting: Definition, Processes, and Uses

Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, manufacturing is continuing to grow in the world of modern manufacturing. As technology improves, computers can do more to handle the repetitive workload in production environments and produce parts in a fraction of the time that was possible not too many years ago in the manufacturing industry.  One of the […]

Exploring ABS Material: Properties and Applications

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a thermoplastic polymer that has widely become one of the most popular materials used in various industries and manufacturing processes. Much of the popularity is due to the versatility of the material. Being a thermoplastic material, it has a unique ability to become moldable at high temperatures and solidify at […]

8 Top Fonts for Laser Cutting + Tips to Pick the Right Font

Picking the best font for laser cutting is important for making sure your parts look and function the way you first conceptualized them. Without the right font, you can lose integral parts of the design, weaken the structural integrity of the part, or even warp the final part. We are here to help you get […]

Powder Coating: Outsourcing vs. DIY + Material Considerations

Powder coating is one of the most commonly used protective finishes for metals and various other materials. A protective finish is a very important consideration especially for laser cutting and/or waterjet cutting projects. This is because it can grant protection from harsh chemicals and the elements. It can also increase the durability and longevity of […]