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Can I send you a PDF?

Have a PDF you’d like to send us to start an order? PDFs can’t be used for part design files or emailed to SendCutSend to create orders. Here, learn which file types we can accept and how to place an order. There are some common reasons why we’re sent PDF files.

1. You’d like to send a PDF file of a part design

At this time we cannot accept PDF files of designs. Please export and send us a 2D vector file in one of the following formats: DXF, DWG, EPS, or AI (Adobe Illustrator format). We have more information about this here. To learn more about our design guidelines, click here.

PDFs are not among the file formats we can accept for design files

2. You want to send a PDF purchase order listing multiple parts you need

At SendCutSend we have multiple options for payment! We make it easy to attach a purchase order document (PO) when ordering parts through our website. Please note: you can attach a PO, but all pertinent order information must be added to your order through the cart building process. We do not check Purchase Orders for additional services or details that are not included in your cart.

Attach PDF of purchase order here if desired

While we do offer payment terms, all orders are created the same way: by uploading files, configuring parts, building a cart, and then proceeding through checkout. 

For this reason, we cannot create orders for you if you email us a PDF purchase order. Instead, upload your design files individually to build a cart before checking out. Learn more about purchase orders here!

In Summary

Do you accept PDF files?

At this time, we only accept 2D vector files in one of the following formats: DXF, DWG, EPS, or AI (Adobe Illustrator format).

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