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How to change the email address for my order?

If you want to change the email address for an order, you’ll need to change the email for your SendCutSend account. We have instructions for how to do so here.

The email address for your account will always be reflected on the orders under your account. The contact email address associated with your account will receive all order status updates. Order updates include an order confirmation email, a production progress tracking email, and finally an order shipment email with carrier tracking.

The email address for your account will be attached to all orders you place, and will receive all email updates and outreach.

Our Support team will contact the email address associated with the order if there are any questions about parts.

If you need to create orders so you remain the point of contact while allowing someone else to pay, we have guidance on how to create a Formal Quote. Please note, if your organization is set up with Net30 or other payment terms, you’ll need to refer to these instructions instead.

Still have questions about changing the email address for your order? Email our Support team at anytime!

In Summary

How do I change the email address for my SendCutSend order?

Changing the email for your order requires changing the email on your account. You can find instructions for changing your account email here.

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