Heavy Duty Bridgeport Milling Machine 2000kg Weight With 800mm X Axis Travel

Heavy Duty Bridgeport Milling Machine 2000kg Weight With 800mm X Axis Travel

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Name: CNC Vertical Milling Machine 6KI X Axis Travel: 800mm
Y Axis Travel: 330mm Spindle Quill Diameter: 86mm
Table: 1270*330mm Dimension: 1900*1750*2450mm

800mm X axis Travel CNC Vertical Milling Machine 6KI 2000kg Weight

Product description:

1. Base, slide, table, column, headstock base and other major parts are made of cast iron HT300;2. The base for the box-type structure, compact and reasonably symmetrical rib structure ensures high flexural rigidity and damping properties of the base member;3. A straddle-type bridge columns and internal grid reinforcement, effectively ensure the rigidity and precision Z axis when heavy cutting;4. Basic parts made of resin sand molding and after aging treatment, long-term performance of the machine stability has provided a guarantee.

5. X, Y, Z direction are heavy duty linear motion guide rail, high speed, high rigidity, low friction, low noise, low temperature rise characteristics change, with automatic forced lubrication, improve machine accuracy life;

Machine structure:

1. the overall structure of high toughness,high quality cast iron manufacturing,and after annealing can efficiently and effectively eliminate the stress within the material to ensure optimum accuracy and stability and durability.2. column design with a large “human” type large span,with high rigidity and high stability,with strong, stable base of large castings bed connected to better ensure the accuracy of machined parts, precision.3. the counterweight system after the column,and a biaxial orientation,so cutting down headstock move more smoothly and effectively suppress the adverse effects of vibration generated,ensuring accuracy.4. three-axis precision ball screw using the P3 level,with preloaded double nut washer,pre eliminate backlash and achieve high positioning accuracy and stability of the repeat positioning accuracy.5. 3-axis machine tools are installed high-precision linear guides to ensure that the processing of high-precision,while increasing the fast forward speed

Heavy Duty Bridgeport Milling Machine 2000kg Weight  With 800mm X Axis Travel

Model 6KI
Table size 1370*330
T-slot(W*N*D) 16*3*68
X axis travel 800mm
Y axis travel 330mm
Spindle quill diameter 86mm
Spindle quill travel 127mm
Max distance from the spindle nose to table 430mm
Spindle rotation speed 60-4200
Spindle Taper NT30 or R8
Spindle Rated power 5HP
Dimension 1900*1750*2450mm
Net weight 2000kgs


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