JOINT VMC-850L CNC Vertical Machining Center

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The L series machine takes fast and rigid machining as the basic design starting point, which guarantees the mass production, machining accuracy and processing efficiency of the parts.The combination of high efficiency discharge, fast feed and high speed spindle function is modular to meet the customer’s different processing needs of personalized choice;The key parts that affect the quality of the whole machine are imported high-quality parts.

For the mold and frame industry, we introduce 850L and 1270L roller wire rail models, which can meet the requirements of precision mold and frame processing through precision assembly process.

Product characteristics:

1. L series machine X/Y two axis guide rail are both ball linear guide rail pair, sliding guide rail pair. 

2. High rigidity construction, satisfying requirement of heavy cutting under the rapid operation of the machine tool. 

3. Coupling, bearing, spindle, ball screw, linear guide rail, tool magazine, play knife cylinder these key parts adopts Germany, Japan, Taiwan brand precision grade accessories to ensure its accuracy and quality. 

4.  Modularization of various configurations to meet customers’ different personal processing requirements: coolant through spindle (CTA); spring ring spindle; 8000rpm belt type spindle, 10000-15000rpm direct connection spindle. 

5. This series machining center is designed specially for part processing, accelerating the feed speed of the machine too, while taking into account the high rigid cutting requirements of the machine. 

6. This series machine model is complete, from 650L-1890L, suitable for medium and small and medium-sized metal part processing requirements.

Product details:

Standard accessories: 
1. Mitsubishi/ Fanuc controller system with AICC2 Function
2. Fully enclosed cover
3. Pneumatic system
4. Anto lubrication system
5. Work piece coolant system
6. Heat exchange
7. Air gun
8. Water gun
9. Spindle oil coolant
10 Rear flishing
11. Hand wheel
12. RS232 Interface
13. Alarming light
14. Working light
15. Guide way cover
16. Technical documents
17. Operation manual
18. Chain type chip conveyor
Optional accessories:
1. 4 axis Rotary table
2. Coolant through spindle (CTS)
3. 24T/BT40 tool magazine 
4. 5 axis 

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