Precision 5 axis CNC machine center V645-5AXIII

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High finish, high efficient, high precision

The V645-5AXIII 5 axis VMC adopts 5 axis rotary table structure driven by a dual-torque motor. In addition to the X/Y/Z axis, two additional

axis have been added, featuring high rigidity and high accuracy. It can realize the processing of five faces in clamping. can be widely used in

the processing of complex work-pieces such as aerospace, aerospace, automative, mold, precision medical equipment, shipbuilding, ligh

textile and other parts molds, impellers, blades and so on.


1. Machine body: It adopts machine structure with a cantilever-type body and a cradle-type 5 axis rotary table. The X/Y/Z axis are for the vertical, horizontal and vertical movements of the column. The spindle is up and down movemwnt. The B/C axis are vertical rotation of the 5 axis rotary table, and the worktable is 360°rotation.

2. Metal plate: Integrated fully enclosed sheet metal with full protection for processing.

3. Rotary table: Taiwan Tokugawa dual DD direct drive motor 5 axis rotary table ¢650, high rotation speed. And equipped with German HEIDENHAIN high-precision encoder and circular grating for positioning, repeated positioning accuracy of 4 seconds=1/90 degrees.

4. Controller: Germany Siemens 840DSL five-axis system, 24-inch- large-screen system display, display touch screen and front operation panel installed in the milling finished aluminum control box, the overall structure is stable, not easy to deformation. Mechanical button, capacitive touch screen, support both hands at the same time, 10 touch control, more human operation.

5. Casting: Utilize finite element analysis to design high rigid base and column, support unite machining of double BC axis; B axis adopts double side support, ensure machining precision of worktable under heavy load. XY axis adopts high rigid, big span cross ram design, ensure the component of Y axis moving foeward caused minimum rigid fluctuation during movement process.

A pplication characteristics:

1. Rotary table rotary disk surface up to 650mm, bearing up to 300kg, can meet larger mold processing(the market general modle is 500 rotary table).

2. Equipped with a Tokugawa double DD cradle-type 5 axis rotary table, which the repeatable positioning accuracy is within 2sec. And the accuracy of this rotary table is comparable to the worm type.

3. The speed of the inclined axis of the transmission has been increased by 6 times, the speed of the rotary axis has been increased by 2 times, and the disk surface speed has been increased by 4 times, ensuring high-equlity and high-precision processing.

Model V645-5AXIII
Travel X axis travel mm 700
Y axis travel mm 450
Z axis travel mm 400
Distance between spindle and table mm 200-600
Distance between spindle and column mm 224
Table Diameter mm Φ600
Load kg 300
T slot size mm 5-18*100
Spindle Milling chuck   BT40 
Installment diameter mm Φ150
Pull stub   BT40 45°
Spindle motor torque N.M 52
Spindle motor torque kw 7
Rotation speed r/min 50-12000
Five axis X,Y,Zaxis torque KW 20
X,Y,Z axis power N.M 3.14
Cutting feed m/min 12
Rapid feed X/Y/Z Axis m/min 30
Rapid feed B Axis rpm/min 50
Rapid C Axis rpm/min 100
Arm type Tool magazine Maximum diameter/ length/ weight of tool mm/mm/kg 80/200/8
Tool diameter(No tool neighbourhood) mm 150
Tool optional way   Optional
Tool change time (T-T) s 2.5
Accuracy Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z) mm 0.006/0.006/0.006
Positioning B /C axis s 10/6
Repeat positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z) mm 0.005/0.005/0.005
Repeating positioning accuracy B/C axis s 4/4
Other Dimension mm 3050*3380*3200
Electricity capacity KVA 35
Weight t 10

Applicant industry: 

Standard accessories:

1. Mitsubishi/ Fanuc controller system with AICC2 Function 
    V85C direction connectin with 12000rpm SPEEDCN spindle 
2. Fully enclosed cover
3. Pneumatic system
4. Anto lubrication system
5. Work piece coolant system
6. Heat exchange
7. Air gun
8. Water gun
9. Spindle oil coolant
10. 24T Arm type tool magazine
11. Rear flishing
12. Hand wheel
13. RS232 Interface
14. Alarming light
15. Working light
16. Guide way cover
17. Technical documents
18. Operation manual

Optional accessories:

1. Screw type conveyor
2. Chain type conveyor
3. 4 axis Rotary table
4. Coolant through spindle (CTS)
5. Spindle rotation speed can be direct connection with 12000rpm.

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