3 Axis CNC Deep Hole Gun Drilling Machine for Mold Industry DH-800

  • Product Model: DH-800
  • Port: SHENZHEN
  • Payment:T/T
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Supply Ability: 50 unit per month



  • The whole machine casting is made of high-quality Meehanite cast iron and has undergone aging treatment to make the casting structure uniform and stable, with high rigidity and good stability;
  • The three axes adopt imported high-rigidity and high-precision screw rods, which provide greater torque during processing and are more durable;
  • The three axes use imported high-rigidity, heavy-duty, high-speed, high-precision ball linear guides to ensure high processing accuracy and extend the service life of the linear guides;
  • The three-axis feed drives all use INVT servo motors and drivers, and are directly connected to the ball screws. The transmission is smooth and without backlash. At the same time, its good rigidity and optimized shock absorption performance greatly improve the dynamics of the transmission system. Rigid for rapid movement;
  • The spindle uses an imported powerful motor, which can meet high and low-speed processing needs, and is equipped with an automatic oil cooling system to ensure a constant temperature during processing;
  • The operating system adopts Taiwanese system and is compatible with CAD/CAM software for more diversified use.



Specification Unit DH-800
Inner diameter of drilling mm 2.5-25
Max depth of drilling mm 800
Table size mm 1200*570


X axis mm 800
Y axis mm 600
Z axis mm 800
Cutting feeding mm/min 1-200
Max rotary speed of spindle rpm 7000
Spindle motor kw 5.5/7.5
Three axis motor kw 2.3/2.3/1.5
Pressure of oil pump kg/cm 0-150
Capacity of cutting tank L 600
Max load of table kg 3000
Weight kg 8000
Dimension mm 3800*2800*2200


Standard accessories:

  1. Automatic chip removal device
  2. Taiwan control system
  3. Magnetic filter device
  4. Three-axis servo motor and driver
  5. Working light
  6. Three-axis ball screw
  7. Two-color warning light


Optional accessories:

  1. Special grinder for deep hole drilling tools
  2. Cutting oil separator
  3. Imported gun drill
  4. Precision guide bushing



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