Manual Lathe Machine for Metal Processing Pipe Threading Lathe Q1327

  • Product Model: Q1327
  • Port: SHENZHEN
  • Payment:T/T
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Supply Ability: 50 unit per month



  1. Big spindle bore, dual-chuck work-piece is stably clamped.
  2. High-quality and high-strength cast iron casting, the overall bed has good rigidity and high precision.
  3. The surface of the guide rail is ultrasonically quenched, with high strength and long service life.
  4. Equipped with taper lever device for easy cutting of taper threads



Specification Unit Q1327
Max dia.swing over bed mm 800
Max dia.swing over cross slide mm 480
Max.length of work-piece mm 1500
Width of bed mm 600/650
Spindle bore mm 280
Power of spindle motor kw 15
Spindle speed r/min VF2 steps 20-300
Z axis feed grade/rage mm/r 32/0.095-14
X axis feed grade/rage mm/r 32/0.095-14
Carriage rapid traverse speed mm/min 3740
Cross slide rapid traverse speed mm/min 1870
Metric thread grade/range mm 22/1-15
Inch thread grade/range T.P.I 26/14-1
Module thread grade/range mm
DP thread grade/range D.P.
Traverse of cross slide mm 420
Max traverse of turret mm 200
Tailstock quill dia./taper mm Middle 100/MT5#
Chuck Φ630 4-jaw manual
Overall dimensions mm 3570*1700*1600
Net weight T 7.0



This lathe machine is mainly used for turning the internal and external threads including metric and inch thread, as well as having all the common functions of normal engine lathe such as processing the inner bore and end face of shafts and disks, this machinery is equipped with taper guide bar device which enables this series to process taper thread.



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