QK1325 CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Machine for Metal

  • Product Model: QK1325
  • Port: SHENZHEN
  • Payment:T/T
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Supply Ability: 50 unit per month



1.Big spindle bore, dual-chuck work-piece is stably clamped.

2.High-quality and high-strength cast iron casting, the overall bed has good rigidity and high precision.

3.The surface of the guide rail is ultrasonically quenched, with high strength and long service life.

4.The carriage adopts the guide rail surface pasting process, which has good wear resistance and high precision



Specification Unit QK1325
Max dia.swing over bed mm 800
Max dia.swing over cross slide mm 540
Max.length of work-piece mm 1500
Width of bed mm 550
Spindle bore mm 255
Power of spindle motor kw 11
Mode of spindle speed Two gears,smooth adjustment
Range of spindle speed r/min L:15-100/H:100-350
Max.travel of X/Z mm X:450/Z:1250
X/Z rapid traverse mm/min 4000

X-axis motor

Speed r/min 1500
Torgue N.m 10
Power kw 2.8

Z-axis motor

Speed r/min 1500
Torgue N.m 15
Power kw 3.8

Tailstock quill

Diameter mm 100
Travel mm 250
Taper Morse NO.5


Model HAK-21240
Tool post type Vertical four-station
Dimension mm 240*240
Turret indexing time s 2.6
Chuck K72-630 four jaw chuck
Positioning accuracy mm 0.02
Repositioning accuracy mm 0.01
Over dimensions(L*W*H) mm 3700*2000*1800
Weight T 6.0


Optional accessories:

  1. Pneumatic chuck
  2. Hydraulic chuck
  3. Hydraulic steady rest
  4. Horizontal 6/8 station tool rest




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