SD-800 Double Spindle Hole Drilling Machine for Bar Stock Machining

  • Product Model: SD-800
  • Port: SHENZHEN
  • Payment:T/T
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Supply Ability: 50 unit per month



The double spindle deep hole drill is a special machine tool designed for machining the center deep hole of shaft parts, aiming to provide customers with a solution of high efficiency, high precision and high finish for deep hole machining of shaft parts.

1.It is designed for machining the center hole of the bar stock, and is specially used for deep hole machining of the center hole.

2.Double spindle processing at the same time, greatly improving the working efficiency.

3.Taper hole guidance and high pressure oil cooling provide guarantee for high precision and high finish.

4.Siemens or Taiwan’s new generation CNC system can be selected according to customer requirements.

5.The equipment can be equipped with a manipulator for automatic loading and unloading, with a high degree of automation.



Specification Unit SD-800
Inner diameter of drilling mm Φ2.5~Φ25
Maximum depth mm
Maximum diameter of workpiece mm
Maximum length of workpiece mm
Maximum rotating speed of principalaxis rpm
Spindle feed speed mm/min
Spindle travel speed mm/min
Workpiece rotation speed rpm
Spindle motor power kw
Workpiece rotating motor power kw
Total power of machine tool kw
Coolant pressure range mpa
Coolant flow range L/min
Machine size mm
Load capacity of working table kg


Standard accessories:

  1. High pressure oil cylinder
  2. Taiwan control system
  3. Import servo system
  4. Magnetic removal machine
  5. Precision castings
  6. Taiwan spindle
  7. Taiwan roller linear rail with precision
  8. Taiwan screw ground with precision


Optional accessories:

  1. Depth drill tools with specific application for grinder
  2. Cutting oil separator
  3. Special cutting oil
  4. Imported gun drill
  5. Precision guide sleeve
  6. Precision rubber jacket



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