VTC-600C High Speed CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine Center

  • Product Model: VTC-600C
  • Port: SHENZHEN
  • Payment:T/T
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Supply Ability: 50 unit per month



This series of products are manufactured according to imported machine quality standards,with high stability,high speed and high efficiency drilling processing.It is widely used in 3C industry,electronic shell processing,aerospace,automotive small parts,medical equipment and other industries to process parts,shells,etc.


  • X,Y,Z axes are linear guide way3 axes standard rapid feed speed is 48m/min (optional up to 60m/min).
  • High-rigidity machine body structure design.In addition tothe drilling and attack characteristics,low-intensity milling of aluminum parts can also be performed.
  • Couplings,bearings,spindles,balls,lead screws,linearguides,tool magazines,unclamping cylinders and other key components are made of high-grade precision parts from Germany,Japan and Taiwan.
  • The machine configuration is modular,and can meet thedifferent processing needs of customers.Our personalized choice:10000~20000 rpm spindle,16 or 21 tool magazines.This processing center is mainly designed for the processing of porous precision small parts.High-speed operation,rapid tool change,and fast precision are the advantages of this
  • Our company accumulates and continuously optimizescustomer application data,and can provide application technical support for customers with high-efficiency processing performance.



Specification Unit VTC-600C
Table size mm 700*420
X axis travel mm 600
Y axis travel mm 400
Z axis travel mm 300
The distance between spindle nose to table mm 150-450
The distance between spindle center to column mm 464
Spindle rotation speed rpm 20000/24000
Spindle taper BBT30-100 short nose spindle
Spindle power kw 3.7
T-slot size of table (No.-size*gap) 3-14*125
X/Y/Z axis guide way Linear way
ATC type 21T servo ATC
Max length/weight of tool mm/kg 200mm/2kg
X/Y/Z axis rapid feed m/min 48/48/48
Cutting feed m/min 12
Positioning accuracy mm/min 0.005
Min setting moving unit mm 0.001
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 1750*2280*2400
Gross weight kg 2900
Max load weight of table kg 250


Standard accessories:

  1. FANUC 0i-MF (5) controller system
  2. Three axis Rexroth linear way
  3. SPEEDCNBT30 spindle
  4. 21T Taiwan servo tool magazine
  5. Rear flush
  6. Automatically lubrication system
  7. Full cover shield
  8. Tools and toolbox
  9. Technical documents



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