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What is a Vector File & How is it Used for Laser Cutting?

Perhaps you designed some sweet table coasters in Photoshop. Or you found a cool design online that is a jpeg (raster). You’ll quickly realize there’s not a way to save that file out as a vector file. You may then be asking “what does vector even mean?” Well, we’re here to help. Not only will […]

How to Build a Go Kart Using Laser Cutting: A DIY Guide

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance fun is in your future. Even if you’re not planning to build your own go kart, there’s plenty of excitement and satisfaction to be had building any project from scratch. Building something yourself is a great way to acquire new skills and a sense of accomplishment. […]

How To Apply Hole Distance Specifications for Tapping, Countersinking, and Hardware Insertion

At SendCutSend we know your laser cut parts will eventually need to join up and create something awesome. That’s why we offer tapping, countersinking, and PEM hardware insertion to make assembly easier! Our minimum hole distance specifications are intended to ensure smooth processing so you’ll receive successful parts, fast. If your next project could benefit […]