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10 Creative Ways to Use Custom Packaging for Ecommerce Businesses

In this article we’ll focus on one of the oldest methods of joining two parts: the rivet. From Egyptian spearheads to bronze age axes, and right through to current manufacturing methods, the rivet has some serious staying power. The advent of press-fit hardware has seen the rivet concept improved such that they are removable and reusable, […]

Threaded Holes: An Overview and Comparison to Tapped Holes

In the past we’ve covered the basics of threaded holes, what a threaded hole is, how they’re sized, etc. There’s a lot of vague information and misused terms surrounding threaded holes, so in this article we’re going to go a little deeper to try and clear some of that up. Thread is a fairly generic […]

The Benefits of Countersinking: How to Countersink Your Parts

Countersinking is a great way to make the fasteners in your design flush with the parts they’re connecting. It can give a more professional and polished look, making screws look integrated rather than an afterthought. They’re also functional, keeping bolt heads out of the way. In this article we’re going to discuss countersinking and why […]