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How to Cut Acrylic Sheets Like a Pro

Acrylic sheets (or plexiglass as it’s sometimes called) come in a variety of sizes and an unbelievable number of colors including clear. Clear acrylic is both clearer than glass and about 10 times more resistant to impacts than glass. The fact that it can be strong and beautiful at the same time make it a […]

How to Build a Bike from Scratch Using CAD and Sheet Metal

You like to build stuff on your own, and you enjoy biking, who wouldn’t? Maybe you even have a couple different bikes suited to different riding conditions: There’s the mountain bike for that occasional weekend out on the trails. The road bike, which is much more efficient on the smooth stuff, but in the back […]

How to Prevent Rust on Any Metal: Tips and Tricks

Without proper maintenance and preventative care, everything from decorative indoor projects to vehicle parts are subject to rust damage. This can affect the overall look of your laser cut metal parts, but more importantly, damage the functionality of the part as well. It’s important to ensure your parts are ready to battle weathering, so keep […]